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What is Parents Day?  

This event is an intimate and exclusive event for parents and young adults to fully understand the range of options available. We have organised a range of experts and employers to come to the event to talk to inform you of the paths available.

There are a number of options for young people, from Intermediate, Advanced and Higher apprenticeships to school leaver programmes, sponsored degrees and Degree Apprenticeships. Many are direct alternatives to university, but without the debt. 

Due to the exclusive nature of the event you will learn and be able to talk directly to employers in small numbers and in a structured and guided way. There will be just 100 people at the event.

What will you discover?  

  • The right advice to young people about apprenticeships  
  • How do the different pathways compare?  
  • Making better choices after school
  • Research on Graduates vs. School leavers 
  • How can we help young people understand themselves better? 
  • What pathways are available to your children  

Who will be there?  

The event will be packed full of employers including EY, Civil Service and PwC, who offer a wide range of options for school leavers. There will also be training providers like BPP who train apprentices at hundreds of different employers in every sector you can imagine, as well as experts on career options.  

How much does it cost?  

The event is subsidised by our sponsors, which means it is just £10 per family - that includes up to two parents and children over 14.

 As it is limited in numbers we cannot admit children younger than 14. The Natural History Museum, V&A and Science Museum are all just around the corner for younger members of the family. 



11:00: Exhibition opens: You can walk around and see the exhibitors.

11:30: Parents Day opening fact finding session: The foundation information to help you understand the day. 

12:00: Alternatives to university

12:15: Speed networking: You choose an employer and they spend 5 minutes explaining what they can offer your child. You then have 10 mins to ask questons. We repeat this process 3 times, so you can experience a range of employers and industries.

13:00: What you might not know

14:00: Exhibition closes: You will have an hour before the event closes to talk to employers being as informed as possible.  


The event is just around the corner from the National History Museum, The V&A and the Science Museum, so why not make a day of it! 

Date and Time:

Saturday, 30th September, 11am - 2pm  


Imperial College London, Sir Alexander Fleming Building, Imperial College Road, London, SW7 2BB 

Nearest Tube:

South Kensington

AllAboutSchoolLeavers & YouGov Research 2016

Produced by in partnership for the first time with YouGov, this research report offers valuable insight into the career related aspirations, habits and opinions of over 11,100 school and college students across the UK.

This new partnership with YouGov lends extra weight to our research. An international market research firm with a pool of over 800,000 survey respondents, and a member of the British Polling Council, the organisation has experience producing accurate opinion polls around general elections, mayoral races, and national referendums.

Over the last three years AllAboutSchoolLeavers has gained the insight of over 48,000 people, all of whom have an interest in the school and college leaver careers market: over 22,600 students, 2,400 parents and guardians, and 1,525 teachers and careers advisors. 

The 2017 research will be released at the conference.

EY has also launched a Parental Advice campaign, aiming to bridge the information gap between career options and parents, arming them with more knowledge so they can help their children make the best decisions after school. The firm’s new parent-centric hub provides parents with useful content, tips and advice on the different options available. Alongside this online resource, EY has set up a series of events that parents can attend, benefitting from interactive panels and workshops. The ‘EY Parentship’ event, for example, involves a session for parents and one of their children to explore the world of work and their career options, together.

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